Call for Papers

More and more organizations are switching to Web-based IT landscapes. Taking this path yields some problems for building sustainable systems or systems of systems. Beside performance and stability issues the sustainability of systems, meaning maintainable – and even more – evolvable architectures, is currently the biggest challenge.

This leads to many different emerging approaches in Web Engineering to tackle these problems. These approaches cover machine-to-machine integration, Web frontends targeting human users and every combination of these both.

This workshop brings together researchers and architects from industry to start discussions of these topics.

We are aiming at case studies and war stories from industry as well as on-going research on these topics, including but not limited to:

  • Different architectural approaches, like REST, ROCA, Single Page Applications, Web Components, Server-side Component Frameworks, Self-contained Systems, and Microservices
  • Their impact on Software and System Architectures focusing on different kinds of -ilities (scalability, evolvability, maintainability, reliability, resilience, transactionality ...)
  • Their impact on (mobile) clients, regarding performance, power consumption, usability, and required bandwidth
  • Influence of Service Evolution Strategies – including Contract/API design, evolution and management – on Architectural Decisions

The full-day workshop will consist of two parts: the morning features the accepted presentations on different approaches and experiences; the afternoon will start with an invited keynote and afterwards be organized as Open Space. The topics for the second part will be identified from the discussions and questions raised in the presentations. The second part shall help to improve the communication between industry and research to identify and summarize the challenges and possible solutions in this field and hopefully initiate cooperation. We will end the day with the presentation of the Open Space's results.

For this workshop we invite the submission of:

  • Full Papers (maximum length 12 pages LNCS) containing original research or experience reports
  • Short Papers (maximum length 4 pages LNCS) containing ideas or short validated challenge descriptions

The workshop accepts 6 papers. Presentations will be 25 minutes + 5 minutes discussion each.

All accepted papers will be published by Springer in a single joint ICWE 2016 Workshop post-proceedings in LNCS.

If your submission focuses on industry experience or real-world results more than being about ongoing/completed research or evaluation, consider the ICWE track on Web Engineering in Practice.

The submission deadline is 30th March 2016 (23h59, Hawaii Time) (extended).